Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD)
Car Parking

(Madrid, Spain)

If you have your very own car and are intending to drive to Madrid's Barajas Airport (MAD), you will need to consider the different parking options offered to arriving travellers. In total there are no less than seven different public car parks, clearly numbered in a logical fashion.

When it comes to paying for your parking, there are more than 60 individual payment machines spread around the car parks at Madrid Airport, accepting credit cards and Euros (both notes and coins). Options range from short and long stay, to VIP parking, complete with additional services, including cleaning, oil changes and even basic servicing. The short-stay car parking areas allow parking for up to 30 minutes and these are especially convenient, although often a little busy.

Car Parking Area P1

Parking area P1 at the airport is an open-air car park and offers both short-term and long-term spaces. The area has almost 2,400 allocated spaces and is situated opposite Terminal 1. Rates are charge per minute up to 30 minutes, and then either hourly or daily.

Car Parking Area P2

The parking area named 'P2' serves Terminals 2 and 3, and is a large multi-level car park, with seven floors. Both short-term and long-term parking are available here. With elevators and a central walkway on level one, these areas feature good access to the airport itself and are each divided into a series of different modules (A, B, C and also D).


Short-Stay Parking 'Express' is available at Madrid's spreading Barajas Airport (MAD). Situated on the ground level, outside the Terminal 2 (T2), this zone is for parking periods of up to 30 minutes only and so therefore only suited to those dropping off or picking up passengers.

Madrid Airport MAD

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